Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Birthday+Decapitating Pablo

It's my 15th birthday today (yay!!), except I'm not actually 15...yet. I was born at exactly 8.26pm BST, which means I have to wait until then to be officially 15. I don't know if anyone realises this, but it's sort of coincidence how I was born on the 26/08/00 at 8.26pm. Cool huh? Anyway here are some birthday photos I want to share. :)

Here are my favourite birthday cards. As you can see they are all pugs, and I absolutely love pugs.

These are my presents, which I also love. I especially like my Taylor Swift 1989 CD and my Vans, which aren't in this picture, since I got them as an early birthday present for my holiday (they are black and purple). Speaking of my holiday I will be writing a post about my time in Kent and will post some photos too.

Finally, here is my amazing and adorable birthday cake. Yes, it's a pug, and he's called Pablo. Unfortunately, I had to decapitate him to eat him, but it was well worth it.
RIP Pablo the pug.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Meteor Shower

Last night I found myself outside trudging through the dewy grass in my local park with my family. Sounds strange? Turns out we were out searching for any visible perseids, which according to the BBC are 'pieces of Comet Swift-Tuttle' (whatever that is). Anyway, at first it was difficult to spot any, until my eyes adjusted to the dark. Soon I could see quite a few every now and again. They were beautiful streaks of silver, but they only lasted seconds. I loved just looking up at the stars too. It made me realise how big the universe really is and also how magnificent it is too. On our way back home the houses on my street reminded me of carved pumpkins...spooky. Unfortunately, I don't have a good enough camera to have taken any photos, but you can see them tonight for yourself if you look carefully.