Thursday, 28 January 2016

BIG NEWS!!! I'm Going To Hong Kong?!

The flights are booked, accommodation is sorted and I'm officially excited!

If you haven't already gathered from the title of this blog post: I'm going to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, if you haven't heard of it is an island off the coast of China and is classed as a city (its not its own country, as many people assume). It is also where Granddad and Chinese side of the family live.

Anyway, what I wanted to announce is that for 3 weeks in the summer holidays I will be flying out there with my mum and sister and we will be staying at my Granddad's. I'm super excited to see him and my family again, since I've only seen them a few times (last time I saw them I think I was only 10).

On my travels I will be taking a 6 hour plane flight to Dubai, where we will stop there for 3 hours (at night, so I will be hanging around the airport) and then take another 7 hour flight to Hong Kong. That's 13 hours of flying!

Hopefully,  I will get the chance to visit Ocean Park and Disney Land and roam the chaotic Mong Kok night markets, which I have missed. Along the way I will take plenty photos and blog when I find a good internet connection (most likely McDonalds, as my granddad doesn't have internet).

Now to binge watch youtube videos on 'How to pack for a holiday' or 'How to pack for a vacation', as the Americans say.

Exclusive pics of Hong Kong 2011 below.

Fish Market

Snoopy World
Ocean Park
Family (sister took photo)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Operation Horror

Finally! It's over! I've finally had my third and thankfully my final operation to remove the pins out of my left arm.

Right now I am typing this with one hand and laid back resting my left arm on a stack-no...more like a mountain of pillows. The reason behind this is to get rid and prevent swelling. There is still some swelling and both hands are badly bruised (cannula in right hand), but I'm coping. If I could manage for 3 months in pots with no arms, then I can certainly manage being one handed for a couple weeks.

Since the operation (last Wednesday) I have been off school, back to watching good ol' Jeremy Kyle and Ouran Highs School (an anime, which I finished in under 2 days). Should be going back to school tomorrow, but have a Physics 3 (triple award) mock exam, so not looking t hat forward to going back.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hello 2016! + Update on Arms

Hello!! It feels like I haven't blogged in ages (well, since last year)- making this my first blog post of 2016.

I'm blogging to update on the whole broken arms-operation-mixup thing. So, rang up the hospital the other day and they say I've already had my operation! What?! I think I would know if I had an operation.

Anyway, after much confusion and some explaining the hospital were able to reschedule a day for my operation to take the pins out of my left arm. The date is set for the 13th of January, 7.00 am sharp.

Turns out that's the day before I broke both my arms last year! That means its only taken 364 days to fix my arms, and even then I still need to go for x-rays and physiotherapy. What a carry on? Oh, well.

I wish everyone the best for 2016!