Monday, 18 January 2016

Operation Horror

Finally! It's over! I've finally had my third and thankfully my final operation to remove the pins out of my left arm.

Right now I am typing this with one hand and laid back resting my left arm on a stack-no...more like a mountain of pillows. The reason behind this is to get rid and prevent swelling. There is still some swelling and both hands are badly bruised (cannula in right hand), but I'm coping. If I could manage for 3 months in pots with no arms, then I can certainly manage being one handed for a couple weeks.

Since the operation (last Wednesday) I have been off school, back to watching good ol' Jeremy Kyle and Ouran Highs School (an anime, which I finished in under 2 days). Should be going back to school tomorrow, but have a Physics 3 (triple award) mock exam, so not looking t hat forward to going back.