Friday, 30 September 2016

Goodbye Blogger, Hello Wordpress

As you can see, from the title of this post, Flobean is moving from Blogger to Wordpress. I have already created the blog and am currently making the final tweaks and adjustments. The new web address is:

I think starting on Blogger has been good, but as I want to expand and design more I have decided to move. I hope this isn't an inconvenience to anyone.

See you over on the new Flobean blog!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Long Time No Post

Hi, *blows dust off* looking now there seems to be a few cobwebs hanging around. Been far too long since I last blogged, maybe that has something to do with travelling half way across the world, ending a relationship, starting another and beginning college. Hey ho, I'm back now *groans from the back row* I'm sure ya'll missed me haha. 

Basically, I've been hiding away being a lazy bum and not posted in ages, which thinking about it now makes me pretty sad. :( Sorry, guys. 

Right now I don't know where start or how to get back into the swing of things, maybe HK photos here, bit about college life there and whatever ideas or disasters pop into my head to write about. I'll figure it out. Either way I'm glad to back. 

See you soon~

Monday, 1 August 2016


HEY GUYS!! Currently blogging from Hong Kong!

Been here for nearly 2 weeks now and loving everyday. Done so much and explored many places. Still got another week left of fun, hopefully I'll be able to finish off my HK bucket list by then. The highlights of  my holiday have been staying with my granddad for a week, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and DISNEYLAND. Also the McDonalds round here is pretty good too. 

Photos are coming soon, along with a video, which will be posted on my YouTube channel: Flobean.

Living here I have noticed that the buildings are tall... very tall. You can get the MTR almost anywhere. Water is essential, as well as air con. And finally Chinese people sometimes want photos with my sister and I, probably because they rarely see English girls, despite the fact we are 1/4 Chinese and are very tanned from swimming in the hotel's pool and sunbathing at the beach. 

While I do love it here, I am missing my bed back home and all my adorable pets. One thing I am not missing however is the weather, even though in an hour or soon a cyclone is headed to hit us. Staying safe indoors drinking iced coffee right now. This is the life and Hong Kong is my happy place.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Remember when you were a kid and hated coffee, but now you just can't get enough? If your answer is yes, like me, then join the club.

I strongly remembering thinking coffee was disgusting, ever since my dad gave me a sip of his... which I spat out... immediately... on the floor- sorry dad. Now, however, I just can't get enough of it and thanks to Santa we now have our own coffee machine, so I don't have to go out and buy some overpriced coffee.

Which leads me to talking about Costa and Starbucks, since I can't talk about coffee without discussing whether Costa or Starbucks is better. For anyone, who doesn't know Costa is a coffee franchise like Starbucks, which is only based in the UK. In my form class in school we have a debate on a weekly basis which is better. For me I like both, but would say Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate is better, while Costa frappuccinos are better. Although, if I go out I always go to Costa, and not just because my ex crush swore by Costa religiously, or because my friend thinks Starbucks are terrorists. I guess I just like the idea that Costa is British and out of habit I go there.

To elaborate on my BFFF's reason for thinking Starbuck are terrorist (extreme I know) is this: a relative of hers works for the army and one of his jobs was to get sponsors, something like that. Anyway when they asked Starbucks, Starbucks refused to support the army, and according to what I've heard it was because they didn't want to look like they were 'choosing sides'. Like wtf? Choose sides, as in the army or terrorists? Okay, so maybe this could of been taken the wrong way, but now my friend avoids Starbucks like the plague. But don't let my post decide, which you prefer. Go out and try them yourself. However, if you don't live in England than you don't really have a choice. Also a little warning these drinks contain lots of sugar and empty calories and may make your wallet cry.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Exams Suck

I doubt I'm the first person to say this, but it's true they really do: exams totally suck!

Currently, I am revising, or more like procrastinating revising for chemistry 2+3. What convinced me to do triple award science, I will never know. Anyway I've already gotten through 19 out of 23 exams, so I'm pretty proud I'm still here. Not to mention the ICT exam I took last year and had to resit twice, only to get a Level 2 pass. Surprising how my only BTEC subject was the most difficult subject. And not to mention an English language speaking exam, which I had a panic attack in, so not worth the A.

My only exams left are chemistry 2+3, physics 2+3 (which is the equivalent to phycological torture) and graphics. Then finally I'll be done with secondary school and GCSEs... well thats as long as I pass English and Maths. If not I'll be re-sitting them in college- that's sitzenbleiben in Germany. Also, it is vital in German that you don't make the same crappy mistake (mind the pun) I did of mixing up durchfallen and Durchfall. Durchfallen means 'to fail', which I hope won't happen and Durchfall means 'diarrhea', which I also hope won't happen. Wish me luck, guys. *crosses fingers*

And just when I was thinking "No more exams after GCSEs! Yay!", I remembered A levels. Yay- not. I guess never mind where you are in life there's always going to be some kind of test or exam. Good luck to anyone and everyone with exams, GCSEs in particular, your gonna need it.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

The Jungle Book+Pizza Hut with BFFF

Hey! So this weekend has been pretty exciting.

Yesterday, I went to see The Jungle Book in cinemas for my BFFF's 16th birthday. (Yep, a 15 and 16 year old went to see a kiddie film). Nevertheless, we both really enjoyed the film. The visuals were amazing, especially the animals, which I'm guessing were created using CGI. In my opinion, the film was really good. It was quite dramatic the whole way through and even at some points scary, especially at the snake scene, since I HATE snakes and the monkey scene was terrifyingly creepy too. There was even a family, who sat behind us, that left. Despite the surprising scariness of the  film, we enjoyed it.

After the cinema we went to Pizza Hut and ended up spending £24.40 in total and we spent nearly 2 hours in there, since the train wasn't due till ages. I'm surprised no one came up to us or told us to leave. Anyway, we had fun sharing a BBQ Texan pizza with cheesy bite crust, which is literally the BEST PIZZA EVER! We were so stuffed that we couldn't even finish the pizza, so we took it to go. And I don't know if they did this on purpose, since we stayed so long, but the box for only 3 slices of pizza was HUGE. While carrying it from Pizza Hut to the train station onto the train and back to my friends house, I just looked like I was randomly travelling with a whole pizza or giving out pizza. LOL

Getting the train proved fairly difficult too, as we were supposed to be getting the train that stopped at platform 4B. We saw signs for platform 1, 2, 3 and 4A, but none for 4B. In the end we just got on a train and hoped for the best. (Luckily, it was the right train.)

Once we were back at my friends house we went upstairs and had a PS3 marathon night. If you didn't know I am a complete noob when it comes to PS3 games, such as Black Ops and Modern Warfare. My friend had to revive me like 17 times in 5 minutes, cause I kept getting killed, mainly by accidentally running into lava or fire. The only game I am good at is Black Ops 1 on the 'Kino der Toten' map. I have to say I got pretty giddy that night (probably from too many Haribos). I was crying with laughter over random stupid things. I apologise now to my friend for being so weird- sorry.

Think it was around 4am when went to sleep and woke up at 7am ish. So much for trying to finish Computer Science course work with 3 hours sleep...

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Panic Attack in GCSE Exam!!

Firstly, I apologise for neglecting this blog for over a month, but fortunately I am back, as I wanted to discuss a personal issue, which I have to deal with on a daily basis: anxiety.

I've always been quiet and shy, and I become extremely nervous whenever I have an exam, despite being an A grade student. Currently, I am in year 11, and so I am faced regularly with many mocks and controlled assessments.

Today I had my English speaking and listening exam, as well as my FIRST EVER panic attack. How can I be so sure it was a panic attack? Trust me, when I say this, but if it ever happens you just know, especially since this was like something I've never experienced before. It was absolutely awful! Let me elaborate.

My teacher was going through what would happen in the exam and what I was supposed to do, when suddenly I had a huge surge of terror; intense fear washed over me. I couldn't breathe. I felt like my throat had tightened closed, or as if someone was strangling me, pinning me down in my seat. At this point I stopped listening to my teacher, and all I could register was immense fear and the chocking feeling in my throat. I felt like I was fearing for my life, even though I wasn't in any danger. Eventually, after God knows how long, I began breathing again... or more like hyperventilating. Also I think I must of cried for ages after.

Finally, with a mountain of tissues and an untouched cool glass of water I attempted my exam. It did not go well (mainly because in between every other sentence I was sniffling, or wiping my tears). The listening part, which is where the teacher ask questions went terrible. I couldn't concentrate on the questions and even answered a question with the nod of my head. This was until I realised only my voice was being recorded. So, yeah, I failed. Fortunately, my teacher is allowing me to redo it tomorrow and I'm praying I won't have another panic attack. I hope I never have a panic attack again!

If you've gone through a similar experience comment below and comment any tips to help cope with anxiety too. Thank you!