Sunday, 12 June 2016

Exams Suck

I doubt I'm the first person to say this, but it's true they really do: exams totally suck!

Currently, I am revising, or more like procrastinating revising for chemistry 2+3. What convinced me to do triple award science, I will never know. Anyway I've already gotten through 19 out of 23 exams, so I'm pretty proud I'm still here. Not to mention the ICT exam I took last year and had to resit twice, only to get a Level 2 pass. Surprising how my only BTEC subject was the most difficult subject. And not to mention an English language speaking exam, which I had a panic attack in, so not worth the A.

My only exams left are chemistry 2+3, physics 2+3 (which is the equivalent to phycological torture) and graphics. Then finally I'll be done with secondary school and GCSEs... well thats as long as I pass English and Maths. If not I'll be re-sitting them in college- that's sitzenbleiben in Germany. Also, it is vital in German that you don't make the same crappy mistake (mind the pun) I did of mixing up durchfallen and Durchfall. Durchfallen means 'to fail', which I hope won't happen and Durchfall means 'diarrhea', which I also hope won't happen. Wish me luck, guys. *crosses fingers*

And just when I was thinking "No more exams after GCSEs! Yay!", I remembered A levels. Yay- not. I guess never mind where you are in life there's always going to be some kind of test or exam. Good luck to anyone and everyone with exams, GCSEs in particular, your gonna need it.