Monday, 20 June 2016


Remember when you were a kid and hated coffee, but now you just can't get enough? If your answer is yes, like me, then join the club.

I strongly remembering thinking coffee was disgusting, ever since my dad gave me a sip of his... which I spat out... immediately... on the floor- sorry dad. Now, however, I just can't get enough of it and thanks to Santa we now have our own coffee machine, so I don't have to go out and buy some overpriced coffee.

Which leads me to talking about Costa and Starbucks, since I can't talk about coffee without discussing whether Costa or Starbucks is better. For anyone, who doesn't know Costa is a coffee franchise like Starbucks, which is only based in the UK. In my form class in school we have a debate on a weekly basis which is better. For me I like both, but would say Starbucks coffee and hot chocolate is better, while Costa frappuccinos are better. Although, if I go out I always go to Costa, and not just because my ex crush swore by Costa religiously, or because my friend thinks Starbucks are terrorists. I guess I just like the idea that Costa is British and out of habit I go there.

To elaborate on my BFFF's reason for thinking Starbuck are terrorist (extreme I know) is this: a relative of hers works for the army and one of his jobs was to get sponsors, something like that. Anyway when they asked Starbucks, Starbucks refused to support the army, and according to what I've heard it was because they didn't want to look like they were 'choosing sides'. Like wtf? Choose sides, as in the army or terrorists? Okay, so maybe this could of been taken the wrong way, but now my friend avoids Starbucks like the plague. But don't let my post decide, which you prefer. Go out and try them yourself. However, if you don't live in England than you don't really have a choice. Also a little warning these drinks contain lots of sugar and empty calories and may make your wallet cry.