Monday, 1 August 2016


HEY GUYS!! Currently blogging from Hong Kong!

Been here for nearly 2 weeks now and loving everyday. Done so much and explored many places. Still got another week left of fun, hopefully I'll be able to finish off my HK bucket list by then. The highlights of  my holiday have been staying with my granddad for a week, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and DISNEYLAND. Also the McDonalds round here is pretty good too. 

Photos are coming soon, along with a video, which will be posted on my YouTube channel: Flobean.

Living here I have noticed that the buildings are tall... very tall. You can get the MTR almost anywhere. Water is essential, as well as air con. And finally Chinese people sometimes want photos with my sister and I, probably because they rarely see English girls, despite the fact we are 1/4 Chinese and are very tanned from swimming in the hotel's pool and sunbathing at the beach. 

While I do love it here, I am missing my bed back home and all my adorable pets. One thing I am not missing however is the weather, even though in an hour or soon a cyclone is headed to hit us. Staying safe indoors drinking iced coffee right now. This is the life and Hong Kong is my happy place.