Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Birthday+Decapitating Pablo

It's my 15th birthday today (yay!!), except I'm not actually 15...yet. I was born at exactly 8.26pm BST, which means I have to wait until then to be officially 15. I don't know if anyone realises this, but it's sort of coincidence how I was born on the 26/08/00 at 8.26pm. Cool huh? Anyway here are some birthday photos I want to share. :)

Here are my favourite birthday cards. As you can see they are all pugs, and I absolutely love pugs.

These are my presents, which I also love. I especially like my Taylor Swift 1989 CD and my Vans, which aren't in this picture, since I got them as an early birthday present for my holiday (they are black and purple). Speaking of my holiday I will be writing a post about my time in Kent and will post some photos too.

Finally, here is my amazing and adorable birthday cake. Yes, it's a pug, and he's called Pablo. Unfortunately, I had to decapitate him to eat him, but it was well worth it.
RIP Pablo the pug.