Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Autumn Colours

Hey guys, it's finally autumn, my favourite time of the year. Its getting a little colder, leaves are falling off the trees and halloween is right around the corner. The main reason why I adore autumn is the leaves (yes, you read that right) I like autumn, because of the leaves. I think their colours are so beautiful and create a very festive photo. Hence the photos below, which I took in photography with a couple of my friends and Danbo (he's a box robot from Amazon).

Danbo hiding in a pile of fallen leaves
Did you know his eyes light up? Cool, huh?
"Look I'm Tarzan"

Sorry not sorry. Couldn't finish the post without a sneaky pic of her yawning and looking cute. ^.^

Question: I'm going to be starting a HUGE photography project at school, any ideas/themes what I should do it on? Leave your ideas in the comments below.