Thursday, 7 May 2015

Getting Pins Out

My mum and I made it to the hospital just in time last Wednesday. We were both very tired from waking up early. When we got there we went to the Treetops ward, where we had been told to go, and searched for Room 7. Eventually, we found it. In the room were two other girls, younger than me, and a baby. They were waiting for operations too.

In the room I could smell toast and butter from along the corridor. My tummy made whale like noises at the smell. I was so hungry as I wasn’t allowed to eat for 12 hours. To distract myself from my hunger I passed the time messing with the bed’s controls.

For nearly an hour my mum and I waited on my assigned bed, until my doctor came to explain to us about my operation. He also gave us multiple forms to fill out and sign. Then a nurse came to put some magic cream on my hand to numb my skin for when the cannula (a small tube that gets inserted into a vein) was put in. For me the cream didn’t do anything or help with the pain, instead it made my hand go red and quite itchy.

Before we knew it, it was time for my operation. The anaesthetic stung as it was injected through the cannula in my left hand but within less than five seconds I was fast asleep.

I woke up around an hour later in a ward full of other sleeping patients. Confused and disoriented I began to panic. I tried to wake myself up and lift my heavy eyelids to see where I was but it was too difficult. Luckily, a nurse on duty noticed my squirming and had me wheeled on my bed up to Room 7, where I was earlier.

Up there I found my mum and Gran waiting for me. When I saw my Gran I thought I was hallucinating, since I couldn’t find an explanation to why or how she had gotten there.  It turns out my Gran had taken the bus all the way from where she lived to visit me in hospital.

Around 12 I was absolutely starving but hot dinners were on the way. For dinner I had chicken, hash browns, cauliflower cheese and cake. It tasted really good, despite being told that hospital food was disgusting.

I left the hospital the same day with my right arm fully bandaged up and in a sling. My mum and I were glad we didn’t have to stay over. On Wednesday, a week from the operation, nurses will be coming round to my house to change my arm’s dressings and to check the wound. Hopefully, it will be healing well.