Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Flobean's Op

So as you know, if you have read my previous blog post, I am having an operation tomorrow to take the pins out of my right arm. However, I am not the only one in the family having an operation this week. On Thursday one of my cats, Flobean, is getting spayed (this is also known as neutering and it is an operation which will prevent her from going on heat and getting pregnant). This is extremely good because it means I will be able to get some sleep on a night, rather than be kept awake by her yowling and meowing. It also means we can allow Flobean to venture outside and get some fresh air, without coming back with a belly full of kittens. Hopefully, her operation will be successful and after a few days recovery Flobean and Kazabella will be able to go out together and roam around our village’s streets.  

Anyway I must retire to bed extra early as I am due at the hospital for 7am and it is a long drive away. I am also not allowed to eat or drink now until after my op. I made sure I filled up this teatime on with my homemade cheesecake…mmm.