Saturday, 25 April 2015

Just Another Operation

It has been roughly 3 months on after breaking my arms and its operation time again.

I found out by post that I will be getting my second operation next Wednesday (29th) at 7am!! I'm going to be tired out even before the operation, since I am NOT an early riser. In the operation the pins in my right elbow are going to be taken out, while the pins in my left arm are going to be kept in until later in the year. Hopefully, I will be able to keep my pins to show my friends, and my science teacher is especially excited to see them.

My mum will be staying with me again, even though it will be her birthday on the 30th. This means she might be celebrating her birthday in hospital with me if I have to stay over.

Overall, my feelings on my operation are that I'm slightly nervous, but mainly excited to be getting my pins out of my right elbow. Last week I accidentally banged my elbow on my desk and my pin poked out at bit and started bleeding! Not only am I looking forward to getting the pins out but it means I get a few days off school too!