Sunday, 5 April 2015

Getting Back On

Today I decided it was time to get back on the trampoline. With the sun shining and a slight breeze, I helped my mum and dad put our garden trampoline up (actually… I just watched them do it).

To stop me from getting over excited or tempted to pull any tricks my mum decided not to put the safety net around it. This has put me off, but I’m still not ready to do anything even if I were allowed.

Once it was up and ready I cautiously climbed on. My heart was racing. At first I was too scared to start bouncing, so I laid down and sunbathed on the trampoline instead. The sun was incredibly hot and multiplied my nerves.

When I stood up my head felt dizzy but I found it difficult to resist a bit of jumping. I could see over the rotting garden fence and below in the garden three little bunnies running wild; chasing each other playfully, while Kazabella patrolled the area. I continued bouncing until my legs were tired out.

Currently, I am sat on my trampoline relaxing and munching on my chocolate Easter eggs. Happy Easter!