Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Life Now

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but I will start to post more regularly.

So far I have had both of my pots removed. My left cast was replaced with a half one, which I had to wear for 3 weeks. Since then I have had no casts on my right arm (yay).  Both my cats, Flobean and Kazabella, particularly liked that cast and even used it as a scratching post.

Now I have a removable cast for my left arm. Its like a normal cast but it is softer and has a cut down the middle where I can pull my arm out. To keep it on there is Velcro wrapped around it. Unfortunately, when I wear it my clothes get all clicked off the scratchy Velcro. Also, my arms are like hairy apes arms but apparently this is the norm.

I still haven’t had any physiotherapy for my arms yet, but I am due to go back to the hospital next week. 

What I am most happy about is that my arms are finally free because now I don’t have to go into the bath wearing 2 huge bags on my arms (I felt a bit like the BigHero6 character).

However, I don’t have anything to protect my arms and my pins stick out slightly so I am always scared of getting them bumped or knocked. There has already been an incident in school when I was stood watching in P.E. They were playing bench ball, the second most violent ball game (first comes netball) and everyone was caught up in the heat of the game and then the ball started rolling in my direction. Before I knew it I was being squashed and flattened against the wall by a couple of boisterous boys. I immediately felt a rush of pain to my right elbow. Once the ball had been retrieved from under my feet I was left gasping for air. My elbow was in agony and it was already bruising. It didn’t help that they had been a pair of fat lads.

But just how thoughtless and careless it was of them to ram into me! When the lesson was over I stormed off to the school office and called my mum to pick me up. My arm felt like it was burning and I was sure my pins had been knocked.

Luckily, I found out later that they hadn’t, but I was still in pain.

I really don’t know why, but I seem to be a target for getting hurt. I’m slowly getting better, just with a lot of bruising along the way.

Me, wearing my neon yellow cast, sitting next to my cat, Flobean.