Sunday, 1 March 2015

Home Time

After 2 days in the hospital I was itching to leave (literally). My mum gathered our stuff and then the nurses came to collect us. I could only just stand up, so I was taken down in a wheel chair. I couldn’t leave yet though because I needed to go to the plaster room to get pots on to protect my arms. In the plaster room my bandages were cut off and clean dressings were put on my arms where I had the operation. Getting brightly coloured casts was the only upside to breaking my arms. I wanted a purple and a pink cast but I had to have white in case any of my blood came through (luckily it didn’t). I had to get colours next time.

A cast is made by rolls of plaster being soaked in warm water and wrapped around a bandage sleeve (so the plaster doesn’t go on your skin, which would be impossible to get off). When the cast dries, it hardens. I found the warmth from the water soothing but I also felt nauseous from having my arms pulled around.

Next to me, in the plaster room, was a elderly lady getting a purple cast on her leg. She had broken her leg pole dancing!

Getting into the car at last, I knew the worst was over and that I had a long recovery ahead of me…and many hours of Jeremy Kyle.