Sunday, 8 March 2015

Car Crash Confusion

On Thursday I awoke to snow covered paths and sheets of freezing cold ice covering the roads. I had to travel to school in the car, as I was unable to manage on the bus just yet. While turning a bend the car skidded on the ice and we lost control of the car. We ended up crashing into and running over 2 poles and we were left hanging over a ditch with a steep drop off into the beck.

Further up the road was another car on its side. There was no one in it but there was a police car beside it.

I texted my friends that we had crashed and weren’t coming into school.

Luckily our neighbour was driving past and offered to take my sister and I home, while my mum called to get the car towed. When the tow truck came it turned out it was the wrong type and another had to be sent out.

When all at home we received a worried call from one of my teachers. Apparently, my classmates had told her that we were in a car crash and that we were in the car on its side. People must have assumed that that was the car we were in since they had seen it as they went past it on the bus to school.

I decided to wait till the next Monday until I went back to school.

At school people talked about how unlucky my family and I had been and I agree. We have been quite unlucky but that won’t get me down.