Friday, 5 February 2016

Elbow infection! Another operation?!

The journey is not over yet; my arms are still not back to normal.

My left elbow has gotten infected... I'll explain.

On Tuesday I had the updated meningitis vaccine and felt fine. However, the next day at school I felt dizzy and my head hurt. That evening I laid curled up like a hamster under my dressing gown shivering with a high fever. The dizziness and headache had worsened and had been accompanied with feeling sick and muscle ache. These are all signs that I was happing a reaction to the vaccine, but what didn't make sense was that my elbow was (and still is) red, hot and swollen.

I tried to sleep it off, but it had only gotten worse, so my mum took me to the doctors. They could tell straight away that my elbow is severely infect, despite the low chances of infection after an operation.

I've been given 500mg flucloxacillin, which are the strongest antibiotics they could prescribe me. Also, they said if it doesn't clear up by Saturday then I'll have to go back to the doctors and need another operation to get rid of the infection.

Really hope it doesn't come to another operation!