Sunday, 15 February 2015

How My Love For Trampolining Began

My love for the sport started at a young age, around 4 or 5 years old, but we only had a tiny, square trampoline with a handle at the front to cling to.  When that broke, due to my dad having a bit too much fun on it, I got an upgrade to a huge (it was huge to me at the time) circular trampoline, which we still have today in the back garden. Over the years we’ve had to replace various parts and pieces. 

Back then though I was only familiar with tuck jumps (jumping and bringing your knees up) and seat drops (landing on your butt). What really got me into the more technical moves was my school. In year 7 we learnt twists and swivel hips (seat ½ twist to seat) and in the next few years I progressed to front drops (landing onto your front) and back drop (yes, you guessed it, landing on your back). 

In 2012 I found out that the local leisure centre held trampoline classes. Thrilled about this discovery and excited to join, I nagged my mum to let me go. At first my mum was hesitant, as it would mean she would have to drive me from school, there and back home (a lot of driving around). When my younger sister heard about the club she wanted to join too. Soon my mum caved and agreed to take us.  I have a hunch she agreed to take us because of the nearby market place. 

Ever since then my skills have grown and I have much improved. I also worked through and achieved all the awards there, including my bronze, silver and gold. Unfortunately for me it looks like my trampoline craze ends here.

What sports do you like? And how did you get started?

My trampoline badges