Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Day Of The Accident: Part 6

At this stage I felt like I was in a crazy dream that was disturbingly realistic (my dream like state was most likely due to the gas I was given).

Outside, the ambulance was there and I was lifted, on the bed, into the back. My mum and sister joined me and sat on a couple of pull out chairs. Typing furiously my mum texted my dad to meet them at the local hospital.

To make the ride more comfortable for me, my arms were covered with inflated bags to cushion them and I would be given morphine through an injection. However, the paramedics struggled to find a vein to inject the morphine in, so I ended going without. The reason why my veins appeared non-existent was because I have thin veins like my mum.

Then another problem occurred. The driver didn’t know where they were going to go. Apparently because I had an open fracture it would be better to go to a different, further away hospital rather than the planned, closer hospital. In the end it was agreed on that the further away hospital would be able to tend to my injuries better. With that decided we were off. Lights on and sirens blaring we raced at top speed to the hospital.

In spite of lying uncomfortably on my back, it was exciting riding in an ambulance.