Friday, 20 February 2015

The Day Of The Accident: Part 4

“Great!” I had thought to myself, “How on earth am I supposed to do cross country on Saturday?!” (I had been competing in a few cross-country races. I had come first at school and 3rd out of all the schools in my area. My next race was that upcoming weekend.)

Bravely I took a glimpse at my right arm. It looked relatively normal even though it seemed to hurt much more than my left (funny that, the arm that looked fine hurt more).

While I was trying to piece together the current situation my instructor continued to reassure me everything was OK and that it would be OK but I was barely concentrating.  The frequent “OW!” just kept escaping from my mouth.

Frantically looking around from where I laid I couldn’t spot my sister anywhere. I later found out she had rushed to the main desk to call for an ambulance and if she hadn’t left straight away then I might not be looking at my left arm today, while I write this.

However, I did see my two other classmates staring at me with wide eyes full of terror. The atmosphere was deafeningly quiet, except for me going “OW!” now and again.