Wednesday, 25 February 2015

To The Operating Theatre: Part 1

When my mum was awake she gladly washed my face and gave me a small sip of water. We didn’t know how long it would be till my operation so we quickly got ready. Soon a nurse arrived and informed us that the doctor was on his way but first I would have to change into an ugly hospital robe (it was purple though, my favourite colour). Thankfully I managed to get my leggings off but my shirt had to be cut off (my favourite shirt)! This was because we weren’t able to pull it over my arms, which were excessively bandaged up to the very top of my arms. I watched as the nurse pulled out these huge metal scissors and began to cut my beloved top off. The remains were shreds of sweaty, yellow rags.

Not long after, the doctor was there with a trail of students following behind him, who would watch me throughout my operation. The doctor didn’t speak to us much, instead he shouted into his hand held Dictaphone and then left (he must have been in a hurry, it’s busy being a doctor).

Then a team of nurses entered the room and moved me onto a mobile hospital bed as I couldn’t hold up my own arms or walk. I found myself being wheeled down a long corridor towards the lifts. My mum held the doors open as we whizzed through the traffic.

Eventually, we reached the operating theatre waiting room (I was told it’s called a theatre so it doesn’t sound so frightening). Before I went in I had to answer a series of questions and fill out a medical form, which my mum and I had to sign. I was relieved when I was told my mum could come with me because I was beginning to get nervous and a bit scared that I might feel the operation, even though I would be asleep. To be allowed to come in with me my mum had to put on a ridiculous looking plastic poncho and hat over her clothes and hair (my hair was a frizzy mess since it hadn’t been brushed). Mum also had to wear the dreaded Crocs, which she hates.

In the actual operating room many different machines and tools surrounded me. The doctor told me they would insert pins and wires into both of my arms, which would take at least 6 hours!