Monday, 23 February 2015

The Day Of The Accident: Part 7

With the change of destination my mum had to notify my dad that he would have to drive to the other hospital. Throughout the journey my sister was more in shock than me and my mum was almost sick from the lightening speed of the ambulance. The friendly paramedic tried to lighten the mood by showing her the different lights such as the trauma lights. Full sirens blasting, lights flashing we sped on!

Eventually, we reached the hospital and I was whizzed through to A&E. On the way there I had used up a whole tank of gas! Feeling quite woozy and disorientated I had needles stabbed in various places up and down my arm until a vein was found in my hand (I was feeling rather a lot like a pin cushion). Through that I was given much-needed painkillers and antibiotics. Then the doctors thoroughly assessed my arms and wrapped them up, after taking some gruesome photos.

Next I was being transferred onto a hospital bed and taken away to have an X ray. I only just had a chance to thank the paramedics for straightening my arm and bringing me to hospital.

In the X ray room it was extremely dark but my eyes quickly adjusted. My arms were pulled around this way and that to get a clear X ray, which left me feeing very seasick.

All I could think was, “How? My arm is broken! How am I going to trampoline? Or run? Or go to gymnastics?” (I didn’t know my right arm was broken, just that it hurt like hell).

It wasn’t long until it was confirmed that my right elbow was broken in two places as well as my left forearm, also broken in two places. I would need an operation on both my arms to rearrange my bones and a mass of tendons, which had gotten tangled, and to insert pins and wires to keep the bones in place. It was well past 9pm, which meant that I would have to wait to have my operation the next day in case there were any complications during surgery.

So I was carted off in my metal bed up to the ward to try and get a good night sleep!