Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Day Of The Accident: Part 2

After getting changed into our “uniform”  (that’s what my dad called our sport clothing, which is just leggings and a favourite Nike shirt), we headed towards the sports hall where we regularly go. Inside was the familiar rock climbing walls that outlined the enormous room and the trampoline at the far end of the hall. That week the lights were on so there was no need to walk about aimlessly in the dark to activate them. Since we were early, like normal, we sat on the blue bench in the middle of the room and had a small snack. During our brief snacking time we held competitive singing competitions until the rest of our class was there (there was four people in our class, including us, so we were only waiting for two more people).

When everyone was ready to begin and our instructor had arrived my sister hopped happily onto the trampoline to warm up. Just as eager I waited patiently for my go.

It sounds childish but to avoid weekly arguing over who goes first we agreed to alternate every lesson.

During my warm up I couldn’t be happier, doing what I loved most. At school I was known for being trampoline mad and I definitely was. I enjoyed gracefully gliding through the air and jumping higher and higher every time my feet left the bed. Shuffling off the trampoline I watched everyone else warm up too.

Soon it was my turn again (possibly my last).  

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