Saturday, 14 February 2015

Introduction to Flobean

Firstly, I want to use this post as an introduction to my blog and the posts to come. If you have already read the brief description on why I’m starting this blog then you will understand that I have recently been in a trampoline accident. This has leaded me to creating this blog, where I will document my life and topics that I find interesting.

Without giving too much away I will sum up how I broke both my arms. 

I was at my trampoline club and I was doing the usual tricks and flips. I was specifically performing a somersault combination of a barani (a front somersault with a ½ twist) after a back somersault. This, I had practiced many times before. However, this time round my barani went wrong and I ended up landing painfully on my arms.

Now I am on the mend after an intensive 6-hour operation and a few days in hospital.

Have you ever broken a bone(s)? And how?